What’s YOUR Adventure?


Sue Braiden
Hey, sister Adventure Diva!

My name is Sue, and I’m just one of the women who is pretty darned excited that you’ve decided to join us here at the Adventure Lab.



YOU need to have an epic Adventure!

Maybe two!  (…or a whole lot more).

We’re here to help you do that, even on a shoestring budget.

You’ll find we’ve been busy tucking in resources to help.  Over the next week we’ll send a note or two to help you find some of the tools and treasures that are waiting just for you.

And did we tell you that you’re invited to plant your elbows on our kitchen table?

What better way to dreamstorm than in the company of sisters who are plotting their own madcap wonder-fests too?

Why not pop in and introduce yourself now? We’d love to say hello!