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Asset Building -- Our Super Powers!

Let’s get our hands dirty and do something!

Building our capacity to create happy, healthy, epic adventures.

Baby steps, right? Ever pinned a picture to your fridge as a motivator for some goal you’d like to achieve? Well, this is sort of like that 🙂

Let’s make a YOU map. Let’s pick some of the words that paint a picture of the kind of Adventure Diva you want to be. Let’s use them to create a visual that we can stick to our computer desktop, or print out and frame to keep that in sight.

I’ve got just the tool. C’mon over to Tagxedo, where you can plug in a handful of your “super power” words and even map them onto a picture of yourself.

I chose one of the default images to map a handful of my favourites into. That’s the hand up there ↑↑↑ Kinda cool, huh? You can make your picture anything you want (upload your favourite, including one of YOU), any colour you want, using any words you want. You can change the fonts, and get the layout just so, or you can use the respin tools (randomizers) to surprise you with something fresh and new. When you find a look you like, you can save the image to your computer, and make it your digital wallpaper, or print it out and frame it.

I’ll be the first to admit that the instructions over there aren’t very intuitive. Don’t sweat it!

I’ve put together a few simple instructions to get you started. Click the “How to Do It” tab. ↑ 



  1. Click here to load the Tagxedo web site into a new browser tab. It might take a moment to load.

  3. Click the “Load” link in the sidebar on the left of the app that loads.

  5. See the “Enter Text:” label beside the big empty form field that opens when you click load? This is where you put your favourite words in. Press the “Submit” button to the right of the text box when you’re done.
    Looking for a couple of words to get you started? Click the “Need Words?” tab here on our page to grab a few from our Asset Building “Tag Cloud”.

  7. Give the app a minute or two to create the picture once you hit submit. When it’s done, the form will close, and you’ll see your picture on the screen.

  9. Press the arrow beside the “Shape” option on the sidebar menu on the left. Choose the image that you want your words to be mapped onto. Alternatively, you can press the “Add Image” button at the bottom of the app, and upload your own picture to map the words onto. Want to map onto a word instead, for instance the word “ADVENTURE”. Click the “Add Words” button and type in the word you want everything to be mapped onto.

  11. Press the X on the top right hand corner of the Shape menu dialogue to close it when you’re happy with what you’ve picked.

  13. All set? Press the Save menu option and choose an image size and save the picture to your hard drive.
  • Want to change the colour? Press the arrow next to the Theme menu option, and choose a colour palette, or hit the Respin circular arrow to randomize it. (*NOTE: The dark gray background you see on your image will actually be white. What you’re seeing in this preview is simply an outline. This can make it a bit more challenge to visualize.)

  • Want the words in different places than they are now? Hit the respin arrow next to Layout until you get a visual that you love.

  • Want the words to all be aligned horizontally, or vertically, or a mix of both instead of all jumbled up? Hit the respin button beside the Orientation menu option.

  • Want a different set of lettering styles? Press the arrow beside the Fonts menu option.

  • Just want to roll the dice and let the app surprise you? Hit the respin button next to All until you find a look you like.

  • Want to share you masterpiece on Facebook? Use the Share menu option.

There are advanced settings for Word and Layout options if you’re really feeling creative.

You can even have your work of art printed on a tshirt, a coffee mug, mousepad, totebag or greeting cards if you want to keep your goals in sight.

Play around with the features, and have fun!

What assets do we have? What do we want?

Looking for a couple of words to get you started? Why not grab a few from our Asset Building “Tag Cloud” right down there ↓↓↓

You can highlight them with your mouse, and copy and paste them into the text field over at Tagxedo, or just pick some of your favourites and add your own.

Note: hypenated words or phrases will be split apart as separate words in the image. If you want to keep something like “Joie de Vivre” together, type it in as “JoieDeVire”, or “self-worth” as “SelfWorth”.

[tag_groups_cloud include=”1″ amount=200 separator=” ” hide_empty=0]

They are some of the assets that we might like to claim for ourselves.

Each of us is equipped with a unique set of assets. With each new adventure, we may find we are called on to meet it with something we feel we don’t have quite enough of yet.

The assets that we’re going to focus on here at the Adventure Lab are based on our internal toolkit. They are “a way of being” combined with “character” and “know-how”. Consider these intrinsic assets as a sort of bank account that we can make deposits into to invest in future adventures, and withdrawals from when we launch them. They have tremendous worth. These assets are our “super powers”!

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