Birthing the Adventure, Again.

If you’ve been here before, you’ve probably noticed that we’re going through some pretty big changes!

Four years ago we embarked on an Adventure together, and like many good things in life, we hit a few bumps.

But we’re back, with two very important changes:

  • a simpler way to connect, including one that will allow us to do it more easily on our mobile phones while we’re out having Adventures; and,
  • a laser focus on putting YOU in the driver’s seat.

On Valentine’s Day I’ll be inviting you to join in on one particular Adventure that’s going to make Cinderella’s Fairy-Godmother look like a lightweight.

Buckle up, Sister Adventure Diva! Shifts about to get real, and it’s going to start with one simple sentence:

“And she lived happily every after …”




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