The Fairy Godmother Economy | A Scouting Party

At the digital kitchen table, we are often only one elbow away from someone who has an idea or resources to help move us one step closer to our improbable dream!

The “Fairy Godmother Economy” Scouting Party is an invitation to explore the value of the currency of influence. How can we each put our networks to work for each other, and by doing so, help ourselves? Know-how, experiences, people that we know are all potential rocket fuel that can help others move the dial on fulfilling their own dreams.

The Questions

  • How can the act of networking move us closer to the coming true of our most improbable dreams?
  • Does helping others create a sort of “activation energy” for our own dreams and therefore become one of of our superpowers?

Sometimes what seems impossible is actually quite doable when we tap into the power of “dreaming out loud.” We are often only one conversation or handshake away from “someone who knows someone” or who has resources of their own to help us have that epic adventure we have been pining for.

The Hypothesis

  • The Fairy Godmother Economy is a virtuous circle where, by helping others, we also help ourselves.

We’re going to look at ways of sharing the things we want to fulfill for ourselves so that others can help us manifest them, and how building those relationships empowers us to help others too.

The Invitation & Opportunity

Ask questions. Tell stories. Share resources and ideas, all in an effort to explore the power of “Dreamcasting” and the currency of the “Fairy Godmother Economy.” We’re all looking for a Fairy Godmother, and we can also be one!

Places to Start Experimenting and Exploring

Wishcraft author, Barbara Sher, at TEDxPrague in 2015. Isolation is the dream-killer, not your attitude. VIDEO | PS: What happened in that airport? 2020/02/10 - Nearly twenty years ago, I wrote Barbara Sher a letter, as I'm sure untold thousands have over the years, to thank her for the day she changed my life. I didn't expect a reply, but one arrived, and it was warm and wonderful and invited a continued conversation with a question tacked onto the end: "P.S.  What happened in that airport?" It was that tiny moment of serendipity, that one little question, that in a beautiful way led to where we are today: "Adventures with the Estrogen Army," baby! ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Lab Experiment - Dreamcasting - Dream Boards LAB EXPERIMENT | Dreamcasting. The power of imagining “What if …?” through a vision board. 2020/02/09 - Visualization is a powerful launchpad for our most improbable dreams! There are a handful of simple tools that make it ease to create "Vision Boards," also known as "Dream Boards," tucking in pictures and ideas and resources to help us move ever closer to bringing even the most epic adventures to life. It's the power of imagining "What if ...?" in glorious colour! In this lab experiment, we'll be using Pinterest to create a Dream Board for one (or more!) of those improbable dreams. If you don't have an account already, it's easy to sign up. If you do, then you already know how easy it is to set up a new board to begin curating our "happily ever after ..." ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ

Join the conversation at the Kitchen Table

Want to kick the tires on questions or ideas of your own around the best ways to tap into “The Fairy Godmother Economy” to power your adventures? Put your elbows on the table with sister Adventure Divas doing the same thing over here.

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