Assets: our “Super Powers” for creating epic adventures!

Intrinsic assets are the Super Powers that equip us to have epic adventures!Exactly what kind of “assets” are we talking about when we want to “build our capacity” to create happy, healthy, epic adventures?

Your banker might look at assets as the physical resources that define your worth: property, capital, an established client base, and so on.

We’re going to look at them differently.

While extrinsic resources — especially the “money” part of things — can certainly ease our way into adventures of all shapes and sizes, the assets that we’re going to focus on here at the lab have more to do with our internal toolkit. They are “a way of being” combined with “character” and “know-how”.

Intrinsic assets are the tools and resources that equip us to interact in the world. They are personal qualities and strengths we have developed to help us function and navigate in safe and healthy ways. Some we are born with (physical qualities, such as size and strength; or situational, such as family wealth), while others are developed through experiences, practice and choice (things like courage, resilience and integrity).

Consider these intrinsic assets as a sort of bank account that we can make deposits into to invest in future adventures, and withdrawals from when we launch them. They have tremendous worth. These assets are our “super powers”!

What assets do we have? What do we want?

Each of us is equipped with a unique set of assets. With each new adventure, we may find we are called on to meet it with something we feel we don’t have quite enough of yet.

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They are some of the assets that we might like to claim for ourselves.

Why are some words bigger than others? That means there are more resources available for them right now. As we grow, it will also be an easy way to see where there are common community interests.

Join me over at the kitchen table to let me know what else you might like to see tucked into this list, and, more importantly, to talk about the assets YOU want to work on next!




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