How Drew Carey’s “Mimi” ditched the pancake makeup and obnoxious bent to help make you “Queen of Your Own Life”.

How Drew Carey's "Mimi" ditched the pancake makeup and obnoxious bent to help make you "Queen of Your Own Life".

She’s not Drew’s Mimi anymore!
Kathy Kinney wants to make you the
Queen of Your Own Life!

You’re going to find that we’re really into “asset building” as a way of helping ourselves get ready for awesome adventures. In a nutshell, it’s a way of taking stock of the things we are equipped with to meet life’s challenges, and figuring out where we need to shore things up, or sometimes add new things to our toolkit altogether. Things like determination, strength, resilience, self-esteem and courage don’t always come as easily as we wish they would, so we’re going to do our best to share resources and create spaces that help you build these assets — and many others — for yourself.

While this may sound like dull, boring work, it’s anything but! In fact, I’ve got a terrific tool I want to give you for your kit to get you started.

I wanted to share this with you because it’s something really simple that inspires me throughout the week, without it needing a lot of time or attention.

If you’ve ever watched “The Drew Carey Show”, you’ll likely remember a really over-the-top character named Mimi. She wore gaudy blue eye shadow and was obnoxious as hell. She was played by an actress named Kathy Kinney who couldn’t be more opposite that character than a person could be.

She’s gone on to do some really neat things, including writing children’s books and producing and acting in a show for kids, but the coolest thing is this little project she has with her friend, Cindy Ratzlaff. They run a blog called “Queen of your own life” and send out newsletters with these little tiny nuggets of wisdom tucked in each week. They’ve drawn from their blog to create a quirky and equally insightful book, with the same intention of helping women claim happiness in midlife.

Queen of Your Own Life: The Grown-Up Woman's Guide to Claiming Happiness and Getting the Life You Deserve

The Book

What got me thinking about this was finding their latest “weekly jolts of inspiration” waiting in my in-basket today, and I thought you might find some moments of wisdom and whimsy here too. What Kathy and Cindy write is never terribly long (which is perfect or I would never end up making time to read it 😉 ) and they have some really brilliant little videos on the web site as well. Both the articles and videos are full of love, and honesty and self-deprecating humour, and tend to be a great little nudge when things feel like they’re going off the rails. Each of the nuggets they tuck in is designed to help you build on a particular asset, which is the perfect way to get your diva self ready for all kinds of stupendous adventures!

Let me share one of my favourite video chats from these sassy muses:

Banishing your Inner Crone

with Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff of “Queen of Your Own Life”

In this particular video Kathy and Cindy talk about how the “Queen of your own Life” project came to be, and I’m willing to bet you’ll find something that absolutely resonates with you.

You can also help yourself to their other videos by touching the word “Playlist” in the top, left-hand corner of the player above to access the pull-down menu. It’s worth taking a peek at some of the gems Kathy and Cindy have shared.

Hope you’ll find something of value tucked between the digital ink over at “Queen of Your Own Life”. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter while you’re there. It’s one of my favourite things to look forward to hitting my in-basket.




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