Our Story

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I’m a Storyteller, an Adventure Diva and a Better World Scout with a passion for helping women find their own voice, and change the world, including their own. I’m on a mission to find natural allies who share these goals and values. I want to share my tools to make it easier for us work and play together in a way that allows us to discover innovation and share it broadly.

This web site is sort of a “digital kitchen table” that we can put our elbows on together, and nurture passionate “do something” conversations. It’s a place where we can share ideas and resources. I’ll be inviting a few of my favourite allies to help me create a space where many more women can come together to make good things happen, both for themselves, and for others. We’re activating a network of Fairy-Godmothers and Community Champions who are discovering their own power to make good things happen. Consider yourself invited!

You’re a woman who loves to use her gifts to give a voice to women who are unable to raise their own. You know that communities can be defined by geography, and also shared goals and values. You know the power of asking “what works?” instead of “what’s broken”, and then helping people and communities do more of that.

You have gifts that are uniquely you. In nurturing yourself and those you care about, you have discovered things that have the power to change lives.

You don’t have to be big to make a difference. Little ripples create a broad and kinetic reach to the most unlikely places. If you feel stirred, don’t second guess it. You fit, and you are exactly the right person for someone else who is looking for an ally with the passion and compassion to walk beside them. And someone else here will be that person for you. Let’s talk …