One Son’s Creative Love Letter to His Adventure Diva Mum

Hey, Estrogen Army! I have a question for you: what would you do if you were Eva?

Let me back up a little. Alex Lyngaas loves his mum. He loves her so much that he wants to help her find the love of her life. Over the course of a year he had been filming her, but until last May, she had no idea why.

Alex and Eva -- Looking for Adam69-year-old adventure diva Eva could be any of us: a woman in act two, living life solo, with someone who cares about us wanting more for us.

Take a peek at the moment Eva discovers what her son has been up to, then c’mon back here and weigh in!

What would YOU do if you were Eva? Would you embrace the unconventional adventure that someone who cared about you set you on?

C’mon over and join us at the kitchen table, and share your thoughts!

(P.S. … You can watch how this continues to unfold right here: )




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