Lab Experiment - Dreamcasting  - Vision Boards. Lighting the way to your most improbable dreams!

Visualization is a powerful launchpad for our most improbable dreams! There are a handful of simple tools that make it ease to create “Vision Boards,” also known as “Dream Boards,” tucking in pictures and ideas and resources to help us move ever closer to bringing even the most epic adventures to life. It’s the power of imagining “What if …?” in glorious colour!

In this lab experiment, we’ll be using Pinterest to create a Dream Board for one (or more!) of those improbable dreams. If you don’t have an account already, it’s easy to sign up. If you do, then you already know how easy it is to set up a new board to begin curating our “happily ever after …”

Want to put a little rocket fuel behind your “Dreamcasting”?

  • Share a link to your Pinterest Dreamboard.
  • Tell us why you’re so excited about this particular adventure.
  • Let people know what you need. You’re often only a handshake away from someone who has a resource or idea to help get you one step closer!

Want to keep your dream to yourself for now?

That’s okay too! Sometimes we’re not ready to share the thing we crave. Pinterest lets you create a Private board that only you can see. Some dreams are just for you, and that’s okay!

Have a question about how to get started?

Go ahead and tuck it into the comments below.

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