Adventure Diva Den Moms

Sue Braiden

Sue Braiden

Chief Adventure Diva

I’m a Storyteller, Adventure Diva and a Better World Scout with a passion for helping women find their own voice so they can change the world, including their own. This web site is sort of a “digital kitchen table” that we can put our elbows on together, and nurture passionate “do something” conversations. It’s a place where we can share ideas and resources. I’ll be inviting a few of my favourite allies to help me create a space where many more women can come together to make good things happen, both for themselves, and for others. We’re activating a network of Fairy-Godmothers and Community Champions who are discovering their own power to make good things happen. Consider yourself invited!

Katt Glendinning

Community Manager & Ambassador of Kwan

Kathy (Katt) Glendinning is going to be helping out as a "Community Den Mom". We're hoping lots of people will want to join us at the digital kitchen table, to both shape the Adventure Lab as a resource, and to benefit from it in plotting their own adventures. Katt is going to help ensure that Adventure Divas find their way around as they get oriented at the web site, are able to join in on the conversations, and can begin using the tools to start mapping their own course. Katt is a sassy, heart-first Adventure Diva herself!

Community Den Mom, Kathy 'Katt' Glendinning
Charitable Investments and Fellowships Advisor, Joan Boysen

Joan Boysen

Fellowships & Community Investments Advisor

Joan's service as former "Director, Special Projects" at Omidyar Network gives her an insight that's going to be tremendously helpful as we work to create a transparent, accountable and socially responsible program of investing in women at risk. She's our Fellowships and Charitable Investments Advisor, helpign to steer the philanthropic side of the "Adventures with the Estrogen Army" project.