Because of YOU, Nomagugu in Zimbabwe was able rent rent a shop, expand her business and send her kids to school.

Nomagugu-Update-2014-12-21-300x204Hey, sister Adventure Divas! You might know how excited we get around here about the “Do Good” part of our Mini Mission statement, so it’s a happy day when we can report back on how an investment in a sister diva made a difference!

Remember Nomagugu in Zimbabwe? We were able to help her give herself a hand up this past June.

Nomagugu is a 35 year old widow with 3 children. She not only runs a grocery store (which our investment is helped to restock), but also makes time to volunteer as a Learning Guide, teaching students life skills, and as a behavior change facilitator at the local clinic. You can imagine how eager we were to invest in someone who invests so much of herself in others.

Kiva is a crowd-funding site supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries. Through the Estrogen Army project we invest in women who would otherwise have a difficult time accessing traditional loans to fund their own adventures.

It’s part of our “Have Fun. Do Good.” mini mission statement.

Even better? We can share her success story with you now! Nomagugu used the loan we helped provide to purchase goods for her business, and also to rent a shop at the local shopping center. The injection of capital made the business more viable, and that helped her make more profits.

She is now able to send her children to school without problems, and provide food for her family, which has been a struggle in the past since she is a single mother.

Of course every Adventure Diva has big dreams, and Nomagugu is no exception. She wants to expand her business, and perhaps venture into something new in her community.

We’ll be watching for opportunities to be there to help her again when she’s ready.

We’re grateful to Sinikiwe Makove from Camfed in Nkayi, Zimbabwe for sharing Nomagugu’s good news with us.




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