Helping Jennifer Grow Gardens in Honour of My Mum’s 76th Birthday through our 27th Kiva Loan

Our Twenty-Seventh Kiva Entrepreneur - Jennifer in California - June 2016

Kiva is a crowd-funding site supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries, and now also in the U.S..

Through the Estrogen Army project we will be investing in women who would otherwise have a difficult time accessing traditional loans to fund their own adventures.

Dreams are universal. Opportunity is not. We’re working to change the story.

Today we’re celebrating our twenty-seventh “Adventures with the Estrogen Army” Kiva sponsorship!

Fancy Nancy Southern - the original Adventure DivaToday would have been my mother’s 76th birthday. She was the original “Adventure Diva” and the inspiration behind the “Adventures with the Estrogen Army” project. She loved to garden. When we celebrated her life on the day of her funeral, we gave the friends and family who joined us baskets of “Forget-Me-Not” seeds to plant in her honour. My mum was also an entrepreneur who ran her own business, and she loved to give back to her community. That’s why I knew that Jennifer was the right Kiva entrepreneur to invest in today with our twenty-seventh “Adventures with the Estrogen Army” Kiva sponsorship.

Jennifer is a single mum, who started “There She Grows CA”, a sustainable landscaping business in Alameda, California, U.S.A., when she lost her job during the stock market crash in 2007. She sent herself back to school to learn as much as she could about environmentally-friendly gardening with native, drought-resistant plants and aquaponics.

It was my mum — both parents, really — who taught me the value of Jennifer’s favourite mantra, from Mahatma Gandhi:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Jennifer’s passion for this quote comes from a place of loving renewal:

“This quote reminds me that without clean water, we would not be able to grow food and without pollinators, food production would be drastically reduced. My focus is to utilize every piece of land possible to provide food for pollinating insects, native species for restoration, and to teach others about the importance in protecting our water supply and natural resources.”

Like Jennifer’s beautiful gardens, it’s time for her business to grow.


She wants to buy a working vehicle and landscaping equipment, and we’re going to help her do it! Here’s why these things are important, in her own words:

“These purchases would increase my revenue and profit immediately by allowing me to start full restoration services right away with a competitive hourly wage.

Having a successful business with a competitive hourly wage allows me time to volunteer back into my community. I would also have the ability to volunteer in schools to teach the next generation about sustainable agriculture, water scarcity, and our interconnected environment.

This loan would especially impact my son’s life. As a single mother, I would have the flexibility in my schedule to better care for him and be able to work hours tailored to his school schedule.”

So, in honour of my mother, “Fancy Nancy”, and all the earthly and virtuous gardens that she grew, we’re investing in Jennifer today, knowing she’s going to send out lovely ripples in so many places.


Jennifer still needs help help closing the gap …

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