Our First Kiva Diva: Peace in Uganda (April 2014)

Our First Kiva Diva - Peace in Uganda - April 2014

Kiva is a crowd-funding site supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries. Through the Estrogen Army project we will be investing in women who would otherwise have a difficult time accessing traditional loans to fund their own adventures.

We’re celebrating our very first “Adventures with the Estrogen Army” Kiva sponsorship!

Peace is a 45-year-old lady with 7 children, four who attend school. She operates a piggery project, which is her main source of income. She is a widow and is responsible for all the financial needs of her family.

This month we are investing in “Peace”.

She is a widowed mother of 7 children in Uganda, and we’re helping her finish building her house.

She still needs a little more help: http://kiva.org/lend/691281

Want to help us create a little more uplift for women?

We welcome you to join our lending team at Kiva …


If you’d like to assist Peace (or another hard working Kiva entrepreneur) and have your loan counted as part of our “Adventures with the Estrogen Army” Kiva lending team, you can indicate that at the time of your loan, or can even set us as your default lending team here:


When you click the link you will see “Lending Teams I Belong To” part way down, and a pull-down menu below that allowing you to set your preferred team.

If you’re not a Kiva lender yet, you can invest in entrepreneurs in developing countries for as little as $25. Click the link below for an invitation:


Thanks a bunch for giving us a hand in giving others a hand up!





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