What’s the most fun-tastic thing you’ve ever done to kick age in the butt?

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      Sue Braiden

      Screw 50! I would not go gently into that good night. I would march straight down main street claiming my birth right to live out loud. I was going to make a spectacle of myself, in a good way, of course, and love every damned minute of it. (Go ahead and watch “P.S. I Love You” … you’ll get it 😉 ) What did I have to lose but my pride, and at the end of the day, what is that honestly worth anyway? Certainly not the price we pay through our stifled lives and a lifetime of missed opportunities.

      Maybe you landed here after reading our Pep Talk:

      In case you hadn’t noticed, age isn’t a 4-lettered word (and how a drag queen’s pink coat might be your next parade) …

      and accepted our invitation to get on over here and stick your elbows on the kitchen table to chat about it?

      Bragging rights!

      What’s the most unexpected, outrageous and fun-tastic thing -you’ve- ever done to kick age right in the butt?

      How did you face down the age demon and turned it into your secret weapon?

      Why not tell your sister Adventure Divas about it? Sharing is a great way to inspire each other!

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