What do you find helps most when you’re making a difficult change in your life?

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      Sue Braiden

      Sometimes in order to have great adventures (even the little ones) we need to dig down deep and find a way to kick old habits and get the heck out of our comfort zone.

      You might have landed here after reading this pep talk:

      Trading places. How asking one simple question can give a whole new perspective.

      where we’re exploring some ideas about finding the courage to break out of unhealthy behaviours, and how detaching can be an awesome tool for gaining a little much needed perpective.

      Do you have a secret weapon?

      What kinds of things do you find most helpful when you’re trying to make a really difficult change in your life?

      Why not put your elbows on the kitchen table and talk about it? Chances are you’ve got some wisdom that a sister Adventure Diva will really appreciate, while tapping into some great ideas others are sharing too!

      Go ahead and tuck a reply into the box below.

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