Kay D'Arcy, 82-year-old nurse turned martial arts action hero, inspires me. Who inspires YOU?

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      Sue Braiden

      You might have landed here after reading my posting about fear and courage, where I shared a bit about one of my own favourite Adventure Divas, K’Arcy.

      Kay spent decades as a nurse, midwife and mother before jumping into Hollywood. Now she stars as an acrobatic assassin in the Web series ‘Agent 88,’ doing many of her own stunts.

      Kay D'Arcy, 82-year old martial arts action hero, and the star of "Agent 88"Storytelling is a powerful lens through which we can refocus our view of ourselves, sometimes through the strength of others. I look at Kay’s example in the context of my own bucketlist and feel a whole lot more empowered. More than a decade ago, at age 69, she left her home in England to move to Hollywood to have an adventure. Now? I’d say she nailed it, wouldn’t you?

      If you haven’t seen the interview with Kay, take the next 2 1/2 minutes to watch the video I tucked in at the top of the original post, and tell me that Kay D’Arcy isn’t a hero in more ways than one? Her enthusiasm is infectious, and the way she frames aging is honest, fearless and most definitely empowering.

      So who has been an inspiring example for YOU?

      Get your elbows on the kitchen table, girl, and tuck a note into the Reply section below to tell us about her!

      Carpe diem, divas!


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