How have YOU made the switch to collecting "experiences" instead of "things"?

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      Sue Braiden

      Twenty-something new dad, Adam Baker, and his wife made a life-changing decision the day they brought their new-born daughter home: they decided to sell everything they owned, pay off their debt, and spend a year backpacking through Australia (yes, with a baby).

      If you haven’t seen the video yet, it’s worth grabbing a mugga joe and taking 20 minutes to check it out:

      Collect “experiences” instead of “things”: how a new dad’s advice might be the ticket to kickstarting your own adventures.

      There’s a link at the bottom to bring you back here when you’re done watching, so you can put your elbows on the table and share your own ideas and experiences.

      Have you made the switch to collecting “experiences” instead of “things”? How did you do it? Was it hard? Exciting? What words of wisdom and resources might you share with your sister adventure divas who are thinking of taking the challenge to fuel epic new adventures?

      I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to share!

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      Julie Everaert

      I guess it’s my catch-up day 🙂  I finally got around to watching this!

      I feel really REALLY passionate about this very topic.  Here’s a bit about my story.  It started right around a year ago…  my life with my husband was totally out of control.  He was self-employed and worked insane hours.  All.  The. Time.  We were both miserable.  We lived in a big beautiful home in a prime location – a real showpiece.  And I could have cared less.  We travelled a pretty bumpy road to get there, but my husband sold the assets (and lots of debt too) in his businesses, and unloaded the thing.  As the business had been on our property, we then had the opportunity to sell the house, and I couldn’t wait.  We moved into a house 1/3 the size, and we shed 1/3 of our possessions.  We both work at different jobs and it’s a lot less bumpy.

      I think some people still think we’re crazy for selling the the showpiece for a one-floor-no-basement-no-storage bungalow in a nice part of town.  The day I went to the bank with my big cheque that completely paid off my mortgage and my car loan I was giddy with glee.  And the teller, who I’ve known for years said to me, “But you SOLD THAT HOUSE??  That beautiful house??”  Yeah, that house with electric heat that made me cry every month when hydro bill came, and the one where I couldn’t even enjoy sitting outside overlooking the river because I just saw all of the never-ending unfinished yard work.  I felt free!  So happy!

      So yes!  Since then, I’ve been reading up and trying to be a minimalist – not in a really strict sense, but in only allowing ‘things’ into my life that I find useful.  I still have decorative things, but only if they hold a special meaning for me.  I can truly say that unloading all of the ‘stuff’ we had in our house felt like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders.

      And yes, I try and focus on ‘experiences’ over ‘things’ especially when it comes to my kids.  We try and do a weekend away for each of their birthdays where we spend time together as a family.  Not gifts.  They certainly don’t need anything.

      Oh!  And I am trying something new and planning for it in the fall… I am going to build a capsule wardrobe.  If you haven’t heard of it, it is basically buying a very small, select few items of clothing each season – maybe 20 items total including shoes and accessories – and building a wardrobe.  Everything is mixey-matchy.  I think it’s so cool!  If you’re so inclined, google “capsule wardrobe” and you’ll get the idea.  I’d love to do it with anyone else interested.  My friends think I’m nuts over that too!  lol

      So basically I’m trying to keep my life simple and so far I think it’s really working.  I have never felt more content.  Plus I feel passionate about travel, and being frugal in my everyday life allows me the extravagance of travel (… that’s really one area where I am willing to splurge!).  In March 2016 I’m taking the four of us to China for two weeks.  Our daughter was born there and we adopted her at a year old and I have been wanting to go back.  I feel it’s now or never, as our son is entering his last year of highschool and we may never again all have the chance to go together.  So it’s this upcoming experience that has become the main focus of my life – how I’m going to make it happen.  And I know that the expense will be worth the lifetime of family memories we’ll create.

      Anyway, I’d love to discuss my story and hear yours, but I have to get supper going.  We’re cooking over the campfire.  Gotta do!  🙂

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