How can we have safer adventures?

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      Sue Braiden

      Nothing can ruin an adventure faster than a close encounter with danger.

      I talked about one of my own in a posting over here:

      Letting go of trauma to clear the way for Adventure

      While in Boston in 2004, I made a couple of choices that put me in harm’s way. It led me to being attacked in the subway, and finding myself in a position without help.

      I was lucky enough to escape with only a broken hand, and came away with some insights that I’ll be sharing on the things I could have done to keep myself safer.

      What are some of YOUR tips for keeping our adventures free from harm?

      Looking forward to helping each other stay safe as we create wonderful experiences and memories …


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      Sue Braiden

      Have you seen the new NIMB ring that acts as a panic button, summoning help from local emergency response teams, friends and family, and an online community? This is one Kickstarter I’m going to be backing before it closes at the end of this July!

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