Happy YOU Year! What will YOUR first step be?

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      Sue Braiden

      Happy YOU Year, sister Adventure Diva! This is NOT just another January 1st, and here’s why … it’s one that starts with a simple truth: you deserve adventures!

      • It’s the first day of a year filled with genuine, true-you adventures.
      • It’s one that starts with a baby step instead of a flurry of resolutions.
      • It’s the one you start knowing you have a kitchen-table full of allies with their elbows on there right beside you, cheering you on, knowing why it’s a big deal!

      Perhaps you’ve arrived here at our “Adventure Diva Bootcamp” kitchen table after reading the posting where I invited you to start your first Journal. If you haven’t read it yet, you’ll find it here:



      Our Community Den Mom, Kat, took her first step … literally!

      For our Community Den Mom, Kat, she picked that one thing last week. She came for a Christmas visit and ended up getting a tattoo on her foot! It was a gorgeous Celtic symbol that stands for “new beginnings”. How cool is that? While she may want to go to Tuscany and conjure up all kinds of other epic adventures, Kat picked something small. It was the first step, both literally and symbolically, that marked the beginning of her own new year of great adventures. (I’ll be sharing a video of Kat’s first adventure in another post shortly, complete with de-alcholized wine 😉 )

      Kat gets a tat! A Celtic symbol for New Beginnings She survived!


      What will YOUR first step be?

      I invited you to start a new page in your Journal, and to choose just ONE thing that you want to cross off your bucket list, and write it down. It can be a big thing, or a little thing. That’s up to you! So what was it that called to you?

      Don’t over-think it. Trust your gut! If something pops into your head straight away, there’s a reason for it.

      Having a hard time getting started? No worries. It will come!

      In the meantime, why not plant your elbows firmly on the kitchen table here and say hi to some of your sister Adventure Divas? Go ahead and tuck a REPLY into the box below and tell us about YOUR one thing!

      You know we’re going to have a whole lot of fun sharing our “dreamstorming”

      Happy YOU Year!

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