All Expenses Paid Culinary Adventure in Sri Lanka (expires 2013-03-06)

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    Sue Braiden

    Hey, Adventure Divas! With a week of getting our site ready to migrate to a faster server, I nearly let this one slip through the cracks.

    Want to go on a culinary adventure in Sri Lanka, all expenses paid? You’ve got exactly 5 hours to cook your favourite dish, snap a pic, tuck in a note (2,000 characters or less) explaining why this dish is so special to you, and another (1,500 characters or less) explaining why you should be chosen and what the opportunity would mean to you.

    Anyone can apply to the “Passport & Plate” competition. It’s likely to appeal to food writers, bloggers, aspiring chefs, and just plain passionate eaters with a story to share!

    The judges are looking for 3 culinary anthropologists to explore the history, traditions and social habits that define Sri Lanka’s cuisine.

    What will you do if you win? Besides having a truly epic Foodie Adventure, you’ll keep a daily blog on World Nomads documenting your culinary experiences in Sri Lanka, featuring stories, photos and recipes from the road.

    Here’s a bit more about the opportunity:

    Spend 7 days exploring the culinary diversity and culture of Sri Lanka.

    We want to give three enthusiastic and hungry travellers the chance to go to Sri Lanka to better understand the dishes that can only come from a country that has been celebrated for its spices for centuries.

    Wherever you are, whoever you are, you must eat. When this human necessity is combined with travel, many of us are reduced to giddy gluttons – eager to try everything that a new destination has to offer. We believe that culinary exploration provides not only the opportunity to fill your belly, but is also one of the best ways to learn about a culture and connect to the local community.

    This is your opportunity to spend one week in Sri Lanka on an all-expenses-paid, custom food tour, courtesy of Intrepid Travel.

    On your trip, you will meet your Sri Lankan mentors – speaking to local farmers and artisan producers, making curries in local kitchens, cooking snacks with street vendors, catching dinner with fishermen and cooking everything from hoppers to rotti to pickles.

    Hey, you’re running out of time! Get your bad old Adventure Diva self on out to the kitchen and gear up for the Foodie Adventure of a lifetime!

    Here’s where you can learn more, and submit your application before the clock stops ticking in just 5 hours:

    Thanks a bunch to Kimberley Touzaline Juras White for the heads up on this terrific adventure!


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