Karma Points

What are Karma Points?

You earn Karma Points each day you login. You also earn them for joining conversations, participating in polls and sharing resources.

Karma Points are both a tip-of-the hat to your efforts as a community builder, helping sister Adventure Divas as you help yourself.


What can I use them for?

This spring you’ll be able to use them to gain access to perks designed to help super-charge your adventures!

  • exclusive webinars
  • private salons with special guests
  • limited edition gear and rewards

Stay tuned …


Karma Point Ranks

What is the purpose of ranks?

Ranks are both a nod to the way an Adventure Diva has invested herself into the Estrogen Army community and also a key that opens the door to participation in special projects and events.

Wondering when you level up? Here are the ranks you can achieve as you earn more Karma Points.

Sherpa 50 000 - 999 999

Trailblazer 25 000 - 49 000

Vanguard 10 000 - 24 999

Expeditionist 7 500 - 9 999

Pathfinder 5 000 - 7 499

Homesteader 2 500 - 4 999

Seeker 1 000 - 2 499

Wayfarer 750 - 999

Scout 500 - 749

Explorer 0 - 499

What Activities Do I Earn Points For?

Points for Registering
Becoming a Member 100
Points for Visiting
Daily visit to this website 10 (must be signed in to receive)
Points for Participating in Conversations
Approved comment (limit: 5/day) member: 1

content author: 1
SPAM Comment -100
Trashed comment -10
Points for Viewing Videos
Watching a complete video 10
Points for Referring New Members
Referring visitors 5 (limit: 20/month)
Referring signups 25 (no limit)
Points for Membership Anniversary
Each year of membership 1,000
Points for Member Profiles
New profile activity 10 (total/only awarded once)
Uploading a profile avatar 10 (total/only awarded once)
Uploading a profile cover 10 (total/only awarded once)
New friendship 10 (limit: 5/day)
Ending a friendship -10
New profile comment 10 (limit: 1/day)
Deleted Comment -10
Favourite activity 1 (limit: 10/day)
Removing favourite activity -1
New private message 10 (total/only awarded once)
Sending gift 10 (limit: 5/day)
Group creation 10 (You must have at least 3 members join your group before karma points will be awarded.)
Group deletion -10
New Group Cover Upload 10 (total/only awarded once)
New forum posts 10 (limit: 5/day)
Joining a group 10 (limit: 10/month)
Leaving a group -10
New group comments 10 (limit: 5/day)
Participating in a survey/ poll 10 points (no limit)

Why are points taken away for some activities?

This is to discourage “gaming” the system and (efforts to gain points by engaging in activities en masse without adding value) including the indiscriminate creation of friendships, groups, conversations and comments.

Karma Points are meant to reward authentic engagement, genuinely participating in a way that enriches the experience for everyone.