Hey Google! What's happening near me this weekend?

Looking for a micro-adventure in your own backyard this weekend? Here are 3 things you can do right now to find it …

1. Hey Google! (Alexa, Siri …)

Ask Your Phone (or SmartHome device). Sometimes the most unexpected adventures are only a question away! Personal assistant technology makes tapping into local soul treks easier than ever.

Alternatively, do a Google Search in your browser for: “what’s happening in (your town) this weekend to fetch a whole heap of interesting goings-on. Click the Search more events link when you get there to do a deeper dive.

2. Check Facebook Events

Start here ⯇ Check events your friends are attending. What sounds like fun? Sip wine while you learn to paint? Catch a concert? Attend a dinner blindfolded in the dark?

Don’t see something you like? Create your own event! Host a foraged feast or an Adventure Diva movie night, or even book your very own chef to teach you and a group of friends to cook something exotic in your very own kitchen.

3. Check Eventbrite

Start here ⯇ Expos, Whisky festivals, paint parties, community meetups and more!

Eventbrite can be a fun way of unearthing a different set of experiences, particularly if you’re looking for opportunities to learn something new or connect with kindred spirits in the business community.

What are YOUR favourite finds?

Have you used one of these adventure portals to help you tap into micro-adventures in your own backyard? What’s the most unexpected adventure you’ve embarked on because of that?

Jump into the conversation and tell us about it in the comments below!

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