Introducing our first Founding Members! Here’s what we’ve been able to do because of them …

Breaking ground on the Adventure Lab

See that piccie on the left? That’s me, holding a great big ole shovel! Wanna know why? Because we’re doing a good old fashioned digital ground-breaking this week! We’re able to do it because 6 other Adventure Divas grabbed their shovels and stood beside me …

I want to tuck in a heartfelt thanks and a great big shout-out to the ladies who have stepped up as our first “Founding Members” of the new “Adventure Lab” project.

Thank you Pam Omidyar, Julie Everaert, Joan Boysen, Kathy Glendinning, Sally Duros and Linda Eggleston Nowakowski for the huge hand up!

Because of the help you’ve given we were able to acquire one of the two critical tool sets needed by just the second day of our crowd-funding campaign!

We reached 48% of our funding goal in less than 48 hours!

The fact that it was just days before Christmas made that uplift even more astonishing. Thanks so very, very much for that terrific leap of faith.

What Next?

This has allowed me to begin creating the actual member “Journals” and to lay the foundation of the “Adventure Lab” itself, and I can’t wait to start introducing the beta versions later this week. It’s what will turn our web site into a resource centre and a people-driven connecting point to start plotting those wild and woolly adventures each of us has been craving

Be sure to drop by the kitchen table to say hello, and to tuck a note in to tell your sister Adventure Divas about the kinds of epic adventures you’re anxious to have.

Whether or not you’ve been able to participate in our Indiegogo campaign ( ) please consider yourself enthusiastically invited!

The “Adventures with the Estrogen Army” project is focused on women over 40, sharing ideas, resources and a hand-up in creating epic adventures, even on a shoestring budget.

Younger than 40?

You’re welcome all the same! While much of our content will focus on asset-building for women in “act 2” you’re bound to find a lot of terrific resources no matter what age you are.

Thanks again to the ladies who have so generously paved the way! Three resounding “Rock Paper Estrogen” boot stomps in your bodacious honour …




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