Good Question! The art of asking good questions is one of our hidden superpowers!

The "art of asking good questions" is one of our hidden superpowers! It can help us understand some of the challenges we face when embracing a life of adventure and discover opportunities and allies along the way.

Questions are waypoints on our journey. They invite us to pause and reflect on things that may be getting in the way of taking the next step, or even imagining the first.

Here are some of the questions we're asking to help clear the way to our most epic adventures !

Featured Questions

How do I revive my sense of adventure? Good Question! Death by a thousand cuts. Where adventure goes to die and how we can revive it again. 2020/02/09 - The death of adventure rarely happens quickly through a single, mortal blow. It’s often the result of a slow destruction of hope and purpose through the cumulative effects of many different things over time. What makes a dream improbable? What are the things in our life that make us believe this is so? How can we tackle knocking these down? How can we activate a network of “fairy godmothers” to help with that and for whom we can do the same? One of our very first Scouting Parties is an invitation to explore some of the things that get in the way of having adventures. Join in on the quest to understand both the physical and emotional barriers that sometimes stand between us and that epic soul trek we yearn to embark on. Ask questions. Tell stories. Share resources and ideas, all in an effort to confront the roadblocks, real and imagined, so we can start kicking them down, one-by-one. After all, you're here to have an adventure! ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ