Featured Budget Re-imaginings

Setting out to transform a favourite space into something magical? It can be the best kind of micro-adventure, and the kind of cocoon that is a firestarter for so many others, big and small!

What would be in YOUR perfect Adventure Diva cave?

… and just how creative can you be on a shoestring budget?

I love nothing better than a challenge, and thought it might be fun to share a couple of resources that I’ve stumbled across in my own quest to answer that question.

The perfect cocoon is woven from a cacophony of sounds, smells, visuals and sensual pleasures. By sensual, I mean things that appeal to our senses, creating decadent layers of immersion, and there are some terrific — and terrifically inexpensive — ways to begin kitting your digs out with a tiny little budget.

C’mon in and see what we’ve rounded up, and share a few of your own favourite finds …


DIY Adventures – Architectural Salvage – Estrogen Army on Pinterest.