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The internet is one bodacious discovery engine for new and exciting adventures! Whether you’re looking for interesting micro-adventures in your own backyard or something a little more epic in places far away, there’s no shortage of digital waypoints to help you find the perfect “next thing.” We’ve shared a few of our own favourite haunts below.

Adventure Portals | Atlas Obscura Adventure Portal | Atlas Obscura 2019/07/12 - About Atlas Obscura Atlas Obscura is an online magazine and travel company led by American journalist David Plotz. It was founded in 2009 by author Joshua Foer and documentary filmmaker/author Dylan Thuras. It catalogs unusual and obscure travel destinations via user-generated content. The editorial articles comprise a mixture of feature and news articles on topics including history, science and food, in addition to travel and exploration, as well as hosting a collaborative, definitive guide to the world's most obscure places.  (SOURCE: Wikipedia ) Click here to learn more about Atlas Obscura in their own words. Why We Love It Atlas Obscura is… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ

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