What do you get when you turn James Bond into a woman? An Adventure Diva nearly banned from network tv …

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries  -- an Adventure Diva gender-fuelled diva debate!

Okay, ladies, I’m about to stir the pot with a little Adventure Diva debate:

What do you get when you turn James Bond into a woman? In this case, 1920’s fictional Aussie sleuth, Phryne Fisher, and attempts to ban her from network television.

Where Bond is considered a man’s man, a suave and almost universal role model for men of adventure, lauded for his bedroom prowess, you might be surprised to learn what happens when you flip the gender switch.

While I love historical dramas and the headier, cerebral stuff, there are times a girl just wants to have a guilty little Adventure Diva pleasure lined up. Having just finished watching through to the end of season 3 of the indelibly fun, witty sleeper from down-under, “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries“, I’m hooked, but I was shocked to learn about the herculean battles that ensued to even get it on the air.

The Gender Flip, and Flap …

Has a James Bond movie ever once been banned from theatres or subsequent airing on a television network because of his rather colourful appetites after hours?

On the contrary. It’s a celebrated hallmark of his appeal. Recognizing the brand power of the “Bond Girls” pretty much sums that one up.

Not the case when our hero is a heroine. While the mass appeal of lead actress, Essie Davis, and her “sashays through the back lanes and jazz clubs of late 1920s Melbourne, fighting in injustice with her pearl-handled pistol and her dagger-sharp wit” went completely unquestioned, the party nearly ended at her character’s Bond-style antics after-hours.

So why the double standard?

The show is smart, funny, and certainly entertaining. It has a bumper crop of strong female characters, loads of chemistry, and a veritable buffet of adventures. And yet, the brakes go on, full stop, the moment we come screaming up to that morale cliff edge.

Don’t misconstrue this as an endorsement for risky behaviour. That couldn’t be further from my point. I simply find myself both curious and more than a little bit befuddled by the double standard here.

Want to Decide for Yourself?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this little romp, the first two seasons have finally hit Netflix here in Canada.

(If you don’t subscribe to Netflix, they generally offer the first month free with no obligation, so it’s an easy gateway to check Miss Fisher out).

It’s Your Dime!

I’d be interested in hearing what other’s think about this gender-flapped dilemma. Why all the fuss? C’mon over and put your elbows on the digital kitchen table and let’s talk about it!




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