What does an Adventure Diva conquering fear look like? Kristina Paltén on a 1,144-mile journey of trust. What does an Adventure Diva conquering fear look like? 2016/05/13 - What does an Adventure Diva conquering fear look like? Kristina Paltén on a 1,144-mile journey of trust. The Swedish ultra-runner began her run through Iran on August 29th 2015. She was to become the first woman ever to cross Iran by foot. Take a peek at the trailer for "Alone through Iran - 1144 miles of trust," a documentary about Kristina Paltén, a lone Swedish woman, who wanted to challenge her own and others prejudices against Islam by running across Iran. "I will tell people about the incredible kindness I have met." -- Kristina Paltén. ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Kiva Diva Field Report: Sandra in Haiti - November 20, 2016 Field Report: Sandra rebuilt her Haiti workshop & hired 5 people! 2016/11/20 - It's always exciting when we receive a field report on one of the women that we have invested in through the "Adventures with the Estrogen Army" project. This one is especially cool because it comes from the entrepreneur herself! Back in October 2014 we helped an artist named Sandra rebuild her workshop in Haiti after her entire shop was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. It's a relief that this report comes in on the heels of yet another natural disaster in Haiti, the recent hurricane, and that it finds Sandra safe and well. Yet more great news? She not only used the Kiva loan we helped provide to rebuild her shop, but actually created jobs for 5 more people! Watch and share her inspiring story. Sandra has been making and selling different kinds of scarves and sarongs since 1980. Here's a bit more about our original investment in this wonderful artist back in 2014. ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ

Dreams are universal. Opportunity is not. We’re working to change the story.

J. K. Rowling's inspiring commencement address to Harvard University graduates, June 5, 2008 J. K. Rowling on the Power of Failure and Imagination 2016/03/31 - As adventure divas we may be faced with similar fears: we're too old, we don't have enough money, we don't have enough courage. These old scripts that we read from don't serve us well. They become self-limiting beliefs, blocking the way to living our fullest lives. How can we possibly have great adventures when we are faced with such daunting challenges? The power of two simple words -- "what if?" -- become wonderfully apparent when we look at the incredible journeys of other women who are just like us, and who have shaped inspiring adventures in spite of those challenges. When I say "women just like us" we might not think of those who have eclipsed any sense of what our own "normal" might be. We might assume that people in positions of power, or lifestyles of privilege or status, are people to whom we could not possibly relate; and in doing so miss the lessons of kindred spirits whose paths started out very much like our own. One of those souls is author J.K. Rowling, one of the richest women in the world, and certainly one of the most renowned in our time. Would you be surprised to learn… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ

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