Ballet at 84! Carla Steenkamp Sheills’ Empowering Class.

Holy Estrogen Army moment, Batwoman! I had goosebumps watching this! Think that’s a funny reaction? Watch this through to the end, and tell me when Prokofiev’s “Dance of the Knights” comes on you don’t get it.

An empowering ballet class with dance tutor and choreographer, Carla Steenkamp Sheills, and her amazing pupils, the eldest who is 84!

Always so cool to find another micro-adventure to add to the Estrogen Army treasure chest. Dance is such a great way of reclaiming a vital part of our femininity when we get older and perhaps (for some of us) no longer feel as sensual as we once did.

Be sure to check out these wonderful women and their dance tutor and choreographer, Carla Steenkamp Sheills, here:


Web Site:

Thanks, Lisa Taylor, for helping me discover this this! (Now if I can just get one of Lorrie Labadie-Remington’s bellydancing goddesses, my day would be complete 😉 )




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