Later in Life

Here are some of the things we’ve been exploring about “Act Two” in our lives.
J. K. Rowling's inspiring commencement address to Harvard University graduates, June 5, 2008 J. K. Rowling on the Power of Failure and Imagination 2016/03/31 - As adventure divas we may be faced with similar fears: we're too old, we don't have enough money, we don't have enough courage. These old scripts that we read from don't serve us well. They become self-limiting beliefs, blocking the way to living our fullest lives. How can we possibly have great adventures when we are faced with such daunting challenges? The power of two simple words -- "what if?" -- become wonderfully apparent when we look at the incredible journeys of other women who are just like us, and who have shaped inspiring adventures in spite of those challenges.… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
The case for micro-adventures, and getting out of your own way. 2015/04/22 - I live with something called "Graves Disease." It reared it's ugly head the week Hurricane Katrina blew in back in 2005, a fitting harbinger for the health storm that was about to come along for the ride. When I get sick, instead of my immune system attacking the illness, it attacks my organs. There is no cure, and at the moment it's kicking my butt. While there's no magic bullet to knock it down, there are certainly things I could be doing better to manage it. A lot of us underestimate the importance of getting enough rest, managing the stress… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
What are you afraid of? Not much after watching 82-year-old nurse-turned-action-hero, Kay D’Arcy! What are you afraid of? (Not much after watching 82-year-old nurse-turned-action-hero, Kay D’Arcy!) 2015/04/20 - Ten years ago if you had asked me what I was afraid of, I would have told you: heights, a world chocolate shortage, and snakes. Today? Getting old, getting sick, being alone, being irrelevant, peeing my pants and dying. Aging has a funny way of shifting the lens. (And yes, dignity is often one of the first things to go). When we understand what we are afraid of, we also understand what we need, and that is the key to asset building. There are all kinds of clichés I could apply to this (things like "what we fear we give… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Isabel Allende, TED Talk, Vancouver 2014 Isabel Allende, on aging, living with passion, and the wisdom of having fun while doing good. 2015/03/01 - I fell down a rabbit hole this morning, and it left me anxious to share this TED Talk given by 71-year-old Chilean author, Isabel Allende. There was astonishing synchronicity for me, from the quote she shared by another favourite author, Mary Oliver: "Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one precious and wild life?" to her invitations to embrace the wisdom of adopting an ageless attitude; of living in the moment; a hearkening to care deeply for others, fueled by her mentor, Olga Murray (another Adventure Diva who found her calling at age 60, rescuing… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
The Captain and His Bride On the objects of my affection, and the lessons of a captain and his bride. 2015/01/29 - 30 years ago I was a very young woman on a very big adventure. Traveling West through several provinces on business, I was treated to a night up in the mountains at the Banff Springs Hotel. My colleagues and I were dining at a table next to the Calgary Flames NHL hockey team, who had just the day before won the Stanley Cup. Their boisterous celebration was eclipsed by this amazing couple, gliding around the ballroom floor with their feet barely touching the ground. They were on a trip around the world, celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, and the way… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
In case you hadn’t noticed, age isn’t a 4-lettered word (and how a drag queen’s pink coat might be your next parade) … In case you hadn’t noticed, age isn’t a 4-lettered word (and how a drag queen’s pink coat might be your next parade) … 2014/08/08 - It's cold out today. Last night was so chilly I actually pulled my fleece lounge pants on. This wouldn't be so surprising if it wasn't still early in August, the supposed "dog days of summer". I was thinking about this as I was making a cup of tea to warm up, and it occurred to me that I had already been pining the "near end" of summer way back in July. I catch myself doing this each year, already ringing my hands over the loss of the precious heat and inevitable slide into fall, even though the season might be… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
On bucket lists, and planning your own funeral (just because it’s fun) 2014/07/02 - It's no surprise that as we get older the topic of death rents a lot more real-estate in our head. We lose parents, friends, and sometimes even our children, with each of these deaths being held up like a mirror reflecting the inevitability of our own. What we fear we give power. Why not take it back? Many of us talk about our "bucket list". It's the sexy portmanteau we stuff all the supposedly important things into on our journey to the end, generally cramming it chock full in our heads, but not always taking the time to get it… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Tiny Budget. Big Adventures. 2014/04/04 - Is it possible to have great adventures with very little money, experience or courage? That's what I'm setting out to find out ... Two and a half years ago I moved into a house of my own, newly single for the first time in decades.  Today, turning 51 years old, I've neither crumbled nor entirely flourished.  Never one to sit on the fence, it's time to do lots of the latter! My mother, Nancy Southern, was a woman of great adventure. That's her boot up there in the picture, with me wearing it after she passed the pair on to… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Are ya ready for the rocker? You had me at "Hell, No!" Ready for the Rocker? You Had Me at “Hell, No!” 2014/04/01 - Ready to retire to that rocking chair on the porch and gaze off into the sunset now that the kids are grown?  Me neither!  This is where the good stuff starts. You've devoted your life to your kids, your partner, your job, your community.  Maybe you're about to be an empty-nester.  Maybe you already are.  Maybe you found yourself lopping off big parts of who you were in order to make the choices you've made along the way fit.  Maybe, just maybe, you're finding yourself saying "now it's time for me" ... Choosing to realign your goals and wishes to… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ