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How do I revive my sense of adventure? Good Question! Death by a thousand cuts. Where adventure goes to die and how we can revive it again. 2020/02/09 - The death of adventure rarely happens quickly through a single, mortal blow. It’s often the result of a slow destruction of hope and purpose through the cumulative effects of many different things over time. What makes a dream improbable? What are the things in our life that make us believe this is so? How can we tackle knocking these down? How can we activate a network of “fairy godmothers” to help with that and for whom we can do the same? One of our very first Scouting Parties is an invitation to explore some of the things that get in… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Childhood Magic Borrowing a little childhood magic to reboot a bad day 2016/06/30 - You don't have to be Alexander to have a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Sometimes, you just have to get out of bed, and that's enough. So when you have one of those days, what to do? I've found that one of the most powerful reset buttons is the "willing suspension of disbelief" that comes wrapped up in a children's tale on the silver screen. Here's why ... ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Tomorrow is 90. Today’s the day to do it! (…or as Lorraine says: time to grab life by the balls!) 2016/06/11 - Every now and then someone points me in the direction of an "Adventure Diva" that's is just so full of sass that I end up with tears rolling down my cheeks for hours after from laughing so hard. 90-something New Yorker, Lorraine, is one of those sassy divas. She has a channel called "Ask My Neighbor Lorraine" on YouTube. She invites people to ask her questions, and she answers personally, full of hilarious irreverence, colourful epithets and all. I wish I had this woman over the backyard fence. I'd invite her in for coffee every, single day ... 😀 This… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Sue Braiden, Rochelle Zohn, Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca Letting go of trauma to clear the way for Adventure 2016/05/17 - Twelve years ago I was attacked on a subway platform in Boston as more than twenty people stood by and watched. No one intervened. When I finally broke free from my attacker, and was running for the stairs, I fell. My hand was broken. I was crying, begging for help, but no one stopped. One by one, people disembarked the train, stepping over me, some on me, without ever looking back. When I finally reached street level, telling subway officials in the toll booths what had happened, they simply pointed me to a bank of 4 pay phones. 3 of… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Sue Braiden -- making peace with aging. Making Peace with Your Body and Aging 2016/05/15 - Today I am incredibly aware of the way age is invading my body -- the crows feet around my eyes, the smile lines at the corners of my mouth, the loosening of my skin around my neck and jowls, the wrinkles on my hands, the Botticelli curves -- and I'm oddly at peace with it. When did this happen? This learning to be cool with being in my 50s? It scared the hell out of me for so long, and yet when I look in the mirror I see every story that I've lived written all over my face, and… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
David Bowie on Authenticity. What have YOU done that took you out of your comfort zone? What have you done that took you past your comfort zone? 2016/05/13 - David Bowie has some gorgeous wisdom about pushing out of your comfort zone. In fact, I took his advice to heart and pushed way outside of my own. (Click through and I'll tell you a little bit about that, and then I'm going to bust out my magic wand.) So, Adventure Divas, what have YOU done that took you past your comfort zone? How did it turn out? Was it the kind of "Aha! moment" that makes you want to do it again? If you haven't gone there yet, would you like to? What is it that calls to your… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
How do you let go of drama? How do you let go of drama? 2016/03/31 - "How do you let go of drama? Don’t treat yourself so gingerly; you can let go of stuff. Sometimes it takes three breaths instead of two to do it, but you can do it. Be a little tougher and don’t cling to stuff. People go around carrying everybody’s stuff all of the time. I just pick it up and put it down. Pick it up and put it down. That doesn’t mean I’m not compassionate, it doesn’t mean I don’t love people. But holding onto people’s suffering is not compassionate… for them or for you." - Ram Dass. ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
J. K. Rowling's inspiring commencement address to Harvard University graduates, June 5, 2008 J. K. Rowling on the Power of Failure and Imagination 2016/03/31 - As adventure divas we may be faced with similar fears: we're too old, we don't have enough money, we don't have enough courage. These old scripts that we read from don't serve us well. They become self-limiting beliefs, blocking the way to living our fullest lives. How can we possibly have great adventures when we are faced with such daunting challenges? The power of two simple words -- "what if?" -- become wonderfully apparent when we look at the incredible journeys of other women who are just like us, and who have shaped inspiring adventures in spite of those challenges.… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
The case for micro-adventures, and getting out of your own way. 2015/04/22 - I live with something called "Graves Disease." It reared it's ugly head the week Hurricane Katrina blew in back in 2005, a fitting harbinger for the health storm that was about to come along for the ride. When I get sick, instead of my immune system attacking the illness, it attacks my organs. There is no cure, and at the moment it's kicking my butt. While there's no magic bullet to knock it down, there are certainly things I could be doing better to manage it. A lot of us underestimate the importance of getting enough rest, managing the stress… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Happy YOU Year! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What will YOUR first step be? 2015/01/01 - Happy YOU Year, sister Adventure Diva! This is NOT just another January 1st, and here's why ... it's one that starts with a simple truth: you deserve adventures! It's the first day of a year filled with genuine, true-you adventures. It's one that starts with a baby step instead of a flurry of resolutions. It's the one you start knowing you have a kitchen-table full of allies with their elbows on there right beside you, cheering you on, knowing why it's a big deal! ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Janet Echelman - TED 2011 Give your inner critic a hall pass: Janet Echelman on using imagination and trusting your gut to fuel your own epic adventures. 2014/12/10 - Janet Echelman's TED Talk on taking imagination seriously was a brilliant piece of serendipity for me when I discovered it in 2012, and worth sharing as a tool for adventure divas struggling with doubt. Having been rejected by seven different art schools after graduation, Janet forged out to become an artist on her own terms. That faith in herself was eventually rewarded with a Fulbright scholarship, and a trip to India. The loss of her art tools enroute led to an accidental discovery that changed her life, and saw her heading up the development of entirely new concepts and programs… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Adam Baker - TEDx Asheville Collect “experiences” instead of “things”: how a new dad’s advice might be the ticket to kickstarting your own adventures. 2014/12/10 - Challenge: collect "experiences" instead of "things". "There are thousands and thousands of people out there living lives of quiet, screaming desperation who work long, hard hours, at jobs they hate, to enable them to buy things they don't need to impress people they don't like."  -- Nigel Marsh. This video really resonated with me when it first came out awhile ago on TEDx, and I was grateful for the chance to reflect on it again. Good gut-check with a whole new crop of New Year's resolutions waiting to be broken just around the corner again. You've seen some iteration of… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
The Star Inside - Hidden Potential Rock. Paper. Estrogen. (Guess which one wins every time?) 2014/09/04 - I remember sitting in the reading circle in kindergarten while our teacher shared a story about an amazing house that had a star inside. What she was describing was an apple, and when she cut it open in front of us, I gasped out loud like every other child in the class. It was pure magic. All my life that moment has remained emblematic of the hidden potential we each have. There was a time when tradition would have us believe that we were "the weaker sex", and fragile things. Thank heavens we've tossed that script away! Discovering our own… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Trading places. How asking one simple question can give a whole new perspective. Trading places. How asking one simple question can give a whole new perspective. 2014/09/02 - Needs can be such bothersome things. Sometimes feeding one comes at the expense of another. We're creatures of habit. We love dwelling in our comfort zones, even when it's no longer a smart thing to do. So how do we find the courage to break out of unhealthy behaviours? Try asking this one simple question: If it was my daughter/sister/best friend, what would I tell her to do? Have you ever been in a bad relationship that you just couldn't shake? Men, chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, a toxic friendship ... you go ahead and fill in the blank. (Okay, so maybe… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
The Trouble Twins How a “mindful friendships” self-audit can unearth some unexpectedly awesome adventure buddies. 2014/08/17 - "God is not a 911 operator." These were the first words I read when I opened Facebook this morning. This little reminder from a friend got me thinking about it in a much bigger context, and how we sometimes treat friends and family in this way too. Most of us have been on the receiving end of this kind of relationship, where we feel we're just there when someone needs something from us, and of course, it makes us feel like crap. Many of us have also been the perpetrators at some point, and until something shakes us out of… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Ellen Degeneres - Tulane Commencement - 2009 Ellen, on finding your own way, mustering up courage, and living with integrity. 2014/08/14 - Sometimes being comfortable in our own skin can be one of the toughest battles we face. It can also be fuel for really great adventures. When we think about the things we fear the most, there are often hidden gems inside, things that can be a powerful springboard to new experiences we've never really had the courage to embrace. Ellen DeGeneres transformed the tragedy of the death of someone she loved at an early age into an opportunity to have a comedic conversation with God, opening the door to a truly unexpected life. She made her mind up that she… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
How Drew Carey's "Mimi" ditched the pancake makeup and obnoxious bent to help make you "Queen of Your Own Life". How Drew Carey’s “Mimi” ditched the pancake makeup and obnoxious bent to help make you “Queen of Your Own Life”. 2014/08/12 - She's not Drew's Mimi anymore! Kathy Kinney wants to make you the Queen of Your Own Life! You're going to find that we're really into "asset building" as a way of helping ourselves get ready for awesome adventures. In a nutshell, it's a way of taking stock of the things we are equipped with to meet life's challenges, and figuring out where we need to shore things up, or sometimes add new things to our toolkit altogether. Things like determination, strength, resilience, self-esteem and courage don't always come as easily as we wish they would, so we're going to do… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
In case you hadn’t noticed, age isn’t a 4-lettered word (and how a drag queen’s pink coat might be your next parade) … In case you hadn’t noticed, age isn’t a 4-lettered word (and how a drag queen’s pink coat might be your next parade) … 2014/08/08 - It's cold out today. Last night was so chilly I actually pulled my fleece lounge pants on. This wouldn't be so surprising if it wasn't still early in August, the supposed "dog days of summer". I was thinking about this as I was making a cup of tea to warm up, and it occurred to me that I had already been pining the "near end" of summer way back in July. I catch myself doing this each year, already ringing my hands over the loss of the precious heat and inevitable slide into fall, even though the season might be… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Kiss my assets. One of the most eloquent responses you'll ever read from a woman confronting the bullies that body-shamed her. Kiss my assets. One of the most eloquent responses you’ll ever read from a woman confronting the bullies that body-shamed her. 2014/08/04 - You've spent months planning an epic adventure. You feel courageous as hell, until you eye up that little bikini your girlfriend talked you into buying for the occasion. What were you thinking? You can't wear that! Your hand is shaking as you try to will it into the suitcase. There is no shortage of things that chip away at our self esteem as we get older. The battle of the bulge is often one of them. Shame and that inner critic rob us of so many awesome opportunities to feast on joy when we deny ourselves the freedom to just… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Stop worrying about what everyone else might think and just do it. Stop worrying about what everyone else might think and just do it. 2014/07/16 - This morning an email landed in my in-basket from the Hallmark Channel. They invited me to enter for a chance to travel to the set of one of their t.v. shows, which was a gorgeous, pine-tree-lined, seaside escape that made me immediately sigh out loud and long to be there. On clicking through, I found an engaging website that got me clicking to learn more about the characters just so I could see the beautiful scenery. It was idyllic. It was me. It looked exactly like the place I see in my head when I imagine so many of my… ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ