Moodscapes are a great way to get inspired when you’re busy plotting epic new adventures! They’re themed kits that give you a way to completely immerse in the experience, adding layers of visuals and sound. Create the perfect mood as you settle in with your journal to plan your next wild and woolly romp.

Each of the moodscape tabs will offer another layer to add to your soundscape. Simply click on the tab and press play on the video it contains.

Click on other tabs to add more layers to your custom soundscape, adjusting the volume in each until the layers are as subtle as you would like each to be. Choose the soundscape layers that fit your mood, until it feels just right.

You’ll find a cracking hearths, gentle rainstorms, café crowds and other gorgeous moodscape appetizers in “Environmental Magic” and it’s companion tabs.

Finding that when you add a new sound layer that the previous one shuts off? Try the Chrome browser.

We’ll be inviting you to create your own moodscape packs shortly so you can share them with sister Adventure Divas. In the meantime, why not try some of the moodscapes we’ve shared below? Clicking a picture will launch the moodscape into a new tab in your browser.

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