Basic Info


Kat Glendinning

Vicarious Escapes

Favourite Book

While I don’t have one particular fav book,I do have several favourite author’s that I enjoy-Stephen King.Jodi Picoult,Paulo Coelho,Maeve Binchy,Anne-Marie MacDonald,Edward Rutherford just to name a few.I do enjoy most genres particularly historical fiction & mystery.

Favourite Television Show

I have 2 shows that I watch faithfully.The first for crazy,nerdy,makes me laugh out loud humour-“The Big Bang Theory” & second for my love of classic horror & sci-fi-“The Walking Dead”.I figure that as long as my life isn’t the zombie apocalypse, all is great in my little corner of the world! lol

Favourite Quote

“A goal without a plan,is just a dream.”

Favourite Colour

No question-RED!!!! Always has been,always will.To me it represents strength,power,positive energy with a brash,sassy flair!

The Objects of My Affection ...

The necklace that I wear almost daily holds special meaning for me.It is a sterling silver cross with my mother’s fingerprint laser etched in the middle of it & “Mom” engraved on the back.This was a present from my father in remembrance of her when she passed away 2 years ago.When I wear it I feel her presence close by,watching over me-reminding me that she always be with me.

Favourite Ritual

Enjoying my morning coffee in my favourite mug- a boldly striped cuppa from my cherished best friend-so she is with me in spirit & mind each & every day.

And to those of you doing jazzercise in a tutu in the front yard,we should meet.You sound like my kind of people.;)