Featured Adventure Divas

Featured Adventure Divas

Ginny Bogaert’s Colorado Back Country Wilderness Trip became a lesson in the Art of the Accidental Adventure.One of the best ways to learn how to cultivate epic adventures of your own is to be able to tap into the wisdom of sisters who have been there, done that.

We’ve begun sharing the stories of some really inspiring women, and how they transformed ordinary lives into extraordinary ones.

Our favourite part? We’ll be inviting you to share your own journeys!

While some of the people we introduce you to may be well-known, the goal is to find and connect with other women who are just like us. Lots of women have done incredible things a shoestring budget, which is terrific fuel for the kind of innovation we want to spark fires with here.

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Marie-France Roy asks: Are you too old for adventure travel? Are you too old for adventure travel? 2019/07/14 - That's the question posed by Marie-France Roy, a self-professed middle-years Adventure Diva who has visited 65 countries while travelling solo since 1992. Marie uses her blog "Big Travel Nut" to give the 40+ solo traveller "the means and inspiration to travel safely on your own, stray off the beaten path, and have unusual adventures, all without breaking the bank!" Read on to discover all the ways this Adventure Diva is the ultimate ally ... ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
What does an Adventure Diva conquering fear look like? Kristina Paltén on a 1,144-mile journey of trust. What does an Adventure Diva conquering fear look like? 2016/05/13 - What does an Adventure Diva conquering fear look like? Kristina Paltén on a 1,144-mile journey of trust. The Swedish ultra-runner began her run through Iran on August 29th 2015. She was to become the first woman ever to cross Iran by foot. Take a peek at the trailer for "Alone through Iran - 1144 miles of trust," a documentary about Kristina Paltén, a lone Swedish woman, who wanted to challenge her own and others prejudices against Islam by running across Iran. "I will tell people about the incredible kindness I have met." -- Kristina Paltén. ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Alex and Eva -- Looking for Adam One Son’s Creative Love Letter to His Adventure Diva Mum 2016/04/03 - Alex Lyngaas loves his mum. He loves her so much that he wants to help her find the love of her life. Over the course of a year he had been filming her, but until last May, she had no idea why. 69-year-old adventure diva Eva could be any of us: a woman in act two, living life solo, with someone who cares about us wanting more for us. Take a peek at the moment Eva discovers what her son has been up to, then c'mon back here and weigh in! What would YOU do if you were Eva? Would you embrace the unconventional adventure that someone who cared about you set you on? C'mon over and join us at the kitchen table, and share your thoughts! ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Holy Estrogen Army moment, Batwoman! I had goosebumps watching this. Dance instructor Carla Steenkamp Sheills & her amazing pupils. The eldest is 84. Ballet at 84! Carla Steenkamp Sheills’ Empowering Class. 2015/11/25 - Holy Estrogen Army moment, Batwoman! I had goosebumps watching this! Think that's a funny reaction? Watch this through to the end, and tell me when Prokofiev's "Dance of the Knights" comes on you don't get it. An empowering ballet class with dance tutor and choreographer, Carla Steenkamp Sheills, and her amazing pupils, the eldest who is 84! Always so cool to find another micro-adventure to add to the Estrogen Army treasure chest. Dance is such a great way of reclaiming a vital part of our femininity when we get older and perhaps (for some of us) no longer feel as sensual as we once did <3 ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Stephanie Zito, Wandering for Good Stephanie Zito is Wandering for Good, and ready to teach you how to do it too, on a budget! (…and did I mention she’ll teach you for free?) 2015/04/21 - The "Adventures with the Estrogen Army" project has a mini mission statement -- "Have fun. Do good." -- so you can imagine how fast I clicked the link to Stephanie Zito's web site when I saw her own motto resonated with our's. After all, an Adventure Diva can never have too many allies! Stephanie is a humanitarian globetrotter who lives by her personal motto: “See the world. Change the world. Have fun doing it.” Her expertise in all things travel comes from more than 20 years working on the road across 120 countries and all seven continents. Stephanie is also the founder of the #give10 project, the author of "Upgrade Unlocked: The Unconventional Guide to Luxury Travel on a Budget" and the resident travel expert for the Travel Hacking Cartel. When she isn’t collecting points and miles, Stephanie consults for international humanitarian organizations as a strategic communications advisor. She also manages operations for Color Cloud Hammocks—a social business she co-founded while living in Cambodia. Click through to learn more about how can register to participate in the live sessions of her "Make Your Dream Trip a Reality" course, free of charge. ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
What are you afraid of? Not much after watching 82-year-old nurse-turned-action-hero, Kay D’Arcy! What are you afraid of? (Not much after watching 82-year-old nurse-turned-action-hero, Kay D’Arcy!) 2015/04/20 - Ten years ago if you had asked me what I was afraid of, I would have told you: heights, a world chocolate shortage, and snakes. Today? Getting old, getting sick, being alone, being irrelevant, peeing my pants and dying. Aging has a funny way of shifting the lens. (And yes, dignity is often one of the first things to go). When we understand what we are afraid of, we also understand what we need, and that is the key to asset building. There are all kinds of clichés I could apply to this (things like "what we fear we give power", and it would be true), but instead of waxing poetic, I've decided I'm going to take that litany of self-conjured horrors and turn it on it's head. I'm going to turn it into the best damned fuel for a bucket list. Ever. ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ
Ginny Bogaert - 2013 Colorado Back Country Wilderness Adventure Just Show Up! Ginny Bogaert talks about the art of accidental adventures. 2014/08/05 - Ginny Bogaert is one of the single most inspiring, purposeful and alive people I have ever met in my life. We connected through our mutual friend Guy a couple of years ago, and her digital footprints are the most incredible fuel. She turns some of the biggest problems inside out so that they are amazing adventures, and takes the normal stuff of life and turns it on it's head. Her son Joel has such a great template for living a healthy, purposeful, magical life because Ginny lives it completely. While most of us likely have "idols" of one sort or another, the very best role models aren't the ones adorned by celebrity, they are the every day people in our lives who get it right. There are so many stories I could share about Ginny: but let me start here, with an accidental adventure in the Colorado Back Country last July. From Ginny's digital diary ... ᘡ READ MORE ᘠ