And she lived happily ever after ...

Adventures with the Estrogen Army

Women Like Me

What's the story, morning glory?

Betcha gotta great big list of things you’d love to do if you had enough time, money, courage … (insert your own favourite showstopper here). Well strap on your muckers, sister, cause it’s time to start having those Adventures!

No more excuses. It’s all about YOU now, and we’re here to help …

This is the place to get equipped with the things you need to have big, fat, almighty adventures. You’re gonna need a game plan. You’re gonna need gear. You’re gonna need pep talks. You’re gonna need pictures, and music, and movies, and wine, and chocolate and friends. That’s right. There’s all kinds of fuel to get you ready for the big day, and the way you get there should certainly be half the fun!

Keep your eyes peeled for new trinkets and treasures tucked into the nooks and crannies of this place. This is the launchpad for your own special brand of coolium, and a place to ask for what you need.

And we promise to listen really hard to what you tell us as we grow, because, that’s right: it’s all about YOU!

Why not pop over to the digital “Kitchen Table” to introduce yourself? You’re bound to find kindred spirits gathering there in the days ahead.

Welcome aboard, sister Adventure Diva. We’re awfully glad you’re here …